At the crossroads

The new decade (2020) prompted a change in my image making, drawing me back to figuration. My non-objective approach to the blank canvas remains constant.

A shift in technique resulted in a change of style and inspiration. To this end I find myself set with new challenges, where figurative images cohabitate with compulsively abstract work to make the composition.

The music I listened to while in the studio is largely of a blues orientation, and in that soundtrack, hidden in plain sight, were the themes I was to explore.  Not from a literal perspective, rather, viewed under a personal lens.

RJ 1
Alone at the crossroads / oil on canvas / 1000mm x 1000mm
RJ 2
The Temptation / oil on canvas / 600mm x 900mm
RJ 3
The Deal / oil on canvas / 1200mm x 900mm
RJ 6
The Beguiled / oil on canvas / 1000mm x 600mm
RJ 4
Exploding Monet’s bridge / oil on canvas / 1000mm x 1000mm
RJ 5
A creature of Beelzebub bears witness / oil on canvas / 1000mm x 600mm
RJ 7 v2
In search of a petition for RJ / oil on canvas / 800mm x 800mm
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